Is there a cure for senioritis?

If you were honest, most of you would read that question and admit that deep down you don’t want to be cured. Oh senioritis. It wraps you up in its warm, lazy blanket. With your dreams of college becoming reality, your greatest motivator [aka- fear of not getting into a good college] is gone and you can’t find one good reason to press on in high school.

Maybe you’ve given up on doing homework or studying for tests. Personally, I really loved skipping class after I received my first acceptance letter. Maybe you’re starting to give up on friendships and relationships–high school friends, teachers, your parents. It seems like moving away from home is the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. Frankly, you’re a little relieved to think that most of these people will be in your past and you’re starting to check out emotionally.

Any of this connecting with you?

Fight it. Fight the urge to check out.

I promise you, if you stay on the slippery slope of senioritis, of not caring, you will finish feeling apathetic. You will finish feeling weak. You will finish having let go of things that you used to value. You will finish and you will regret it.

This is the end of a very large chapter of your life. One of the longest life chapters you will have. The end of your “adolescence”. The end of your time living at home as a dependent on mom and dad. Now is the time to gather up all the remaining strength and energy you have and finish strong. Finish well and in high esteem amongst your teachers. Persevere through the conflicts you are now having with friends and family.

We are always moving towards or away from something. Finish strong and you will be running towards the next chapter, confident and ready. Finish weak and you will be running away from this closing chapter, unprepared and weary.

To answer the question “what is the cure?” you have to determine what’s going to motivate you to finish strong. At the end of this year, are you going to be running towards college or will you be running away from high school and home?

I want to hear from you below! Tell me, what other ways do you see yourself mentally or emotionally checking out? What’s going to be your motivator?

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