Hanna Seymour Headshot copyMEET HANNA

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.  I wish I could sit down with you and listen to your story, but let me start by telling you a little bit about me.

In 2012, I had a small group of high school senior gals who went off to college. Each week, I would have 2-3 emails in my inbox from a few of them. They would email with questions about things they were struggling with in college or questions they had. After a while, I started noticing a trend in their questions. They were all asking similar things. So, with their permission, a began a blog called “Dear Hanna” where I simplified their questions, wrote answers, and posted them for all the interwebs to read.

Pretty quickly I began receiving emails and questions from girls I had never met, at colleges I had never even heard of!  With a master’s degree in Higher Education & Student Affairs and a decade of working at several different colleges, I felt I had a lot of experience and insight to share with these girls from all over–and had a blast doing it!

After a few years in, I started receiving questions that didn’t necessarily relate only to college girls, as my college girls were graduating and growing up! So, now I write about all kinds of things: college girl problems, adulting, dating, marriage, faith– really anything within the realm of the female Christian journey.

BUT my 10 years of college mentoring is wrapped up in a tidy package called The College Girl’s Survival Guide.


+ I’m a graduate of James Madison University, where I studied Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and Family Studies

+ My master’s degree in Higher Education & Student Affairs is from the University of South Carolina

+ I’ve worked at 5 universities in 10 years!

+ I also enjoy speaking and teaching on a variety of topics and bible studies for high school girls, college students, and women ministry events.

+ I love cooking healthy, whole food recipes, painting my nails, binging on Mexican food, and experiencing new things.

+ I was single for all of my twenties, until my 29th year, when I met my now super cute husband, who’s sister “match-made” us.

+ We live in Nashville, TN where we eat lots of good food, hear lots of great music, and generally have a grand ol’ time.