Winter Break: What’s Really Important?

By the time you’re 18, you will have already spent 93% of the days you’ll have with your parents in your entire life time. That’s 6,570 days. Then you go to college, and at best, you’ll see your parents 80-440 days. Post-college, 380 days. So, what should Winter Break really be about? Netflix-binging or intentional time with the people you love?

How to Change Your Husband

See some flaws in your husband that need to be helped? Here are five ways to change your spouse!

Is This The Man I Married?

“Is this the man I married?!” The thought rang between my ears as I choked down the anger and panic that was quickly rising up my throat. My husband is a rock.…

Four Choices in Marriage

I was recently asked to share some thoughts on marriage at a bridal shower. As I mulled over the things I’ve learned the last 18 months, I kept coming back to…

You’re dating the wrong guy

“You’re dating the wrong guy.” She was the second person to say that to me within a month. Both times the comment came from women I loved and trusted and who…

I was wrong

I hate being wrong. I mean, I loathe it. Growing up in my house, if you were proven wrong in a situation you had to recite,”I was wrong and you were right.”

The Dating Game: Should I Pay?

“We’ve been dating for a few months now and I feel bad that he pays for everything. Should I offer to pay?” Dating is already a delicate and even tricky…

When You Know, You Know

How do you know when you’ve found “the one”? Finding confidence in choosing a life partner.

Single girls: keeping your newly married friends

During my single years, I watched friend after friend get married. I was thrilled for them. Truly.  But as the date of their wedded bliss grew closer and closer, I…

Everyone is under-encouraged

Everyone is under-encouraged. I grew up hearing my dad say that sentence on repeat. Everyone is under-encouraged. If you’re like 95% of the humans in our society (including myself), you’re…