23. When death leads to freedom

You are going to love my new friend and songstress, Hope Darst. This conversation of identity and finding freedom, quickly became a theological discussion and I am here for it. Hope’s story is going to challenge you and move you, and you’re definitely going to want to listen to her album, Peace Be Still, after it’s over.

 In this episode, we discuss:

  • How do we become aware of the lies we are believing?
  • What does it practically look like to die to self?
  • How do we transform our mind, feelings, and behavior to do what God wants us to do?
  • How the goodness of God is often most experienced amidst things that do not feel good
  • How the story of Joseph can reframe our expectations of the Christian life

Scripture Mentioned:

  • Rom 12:2
  • Psalm 91

Resources Mentioned:

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Quotes from this episode:

Why do I believe this? What does this require of my life? -Hope Darst

To be a Christ follower, you have to ask yourself, “Where is the death of Christ in my life?” -Hope Darst

I’m going to believe The Truth, even if it confronts what feels true. I am surrendering my rights to define truth. -Hope Darst

Am I willing to let something die here? Grief? Disappointment? Entitlement? Anxiety and depression? Lies that I believe? The pursuit of dreams and fulfillment? In order for God to step in and do something greater. -Hope Darst

Salvation is a free gift, but once you’re in, to follow Christ will cost you everything. -Hope Darst

Until my thinking and feelings line up with Your Word, we’ve got work to do. -Hope Darst

This is who I want to be, because this is who You’ve called me to be. -Hope Darst

If you are building your faith or walking away from your faith on human actions, then you’ve built it on the wrong thing. We are only meant to build it upon the word and actions of Jesus Christ alone. No one else. -Hope Darst

Jesus met me in the darkest moment of my life. -Hope Darst

We want the goodness of God to feel good. I have more often times experienced that the goodness of God has shown up in what wasn’t good. -Hope Darst

Nothing about this is good. And can I still choose to believe that God is good and that goodness isn’t determined by my circumstance or feelings? -Hope Darst

He is always there to rearrange, redeem, reconstruct what the enemy did. -Hope Darst

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