24. When a no or a wait is God’s kindest answer

If you need to be reminded that God is in the details of your life, that He is for you, and that He’s always good, my friend Laura Cooksey is here to testify. We talk about career, family planning, infertility, adoption, you name it– we covered it. And you are going to be so grateful for this woman’s story and her heart.

 In this episode, we discuss:

  • The process of learning to trust God when reality doesn’t meet our expectations
  • How to plan, prepare, and pivot when the Lord redirects your steps
  • How even amidst loss and grief, we can have hope
  • How practicing gratitude in all circumstances is life giving and transforming

Scripture Mentioned:

  • Prov 16:9
  • Isaiah 55:8-9
  • 2 Cor 4:17
  • Lam 3:21-24
  • Ephesians 3:16-21

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Quotes from this episode:

It might not look like what we think it’s going to look like, but we have to trust that God is in it. -Laura Cooksey

We see with such finite minds and in this context of finite time and God is so much bigger than that. His plan is so much bigger than that. -Laura Cooksey

I have lived long enough to know that the Lord wastes nothing. -Laura Cooksey

Ok Lord, I don’t get this. And if I’m honest I think You got this wrong. But at the same time, I trust You and I even thank you for this no, because I know that You’re in it and You’re still good. -Laura Cooksey

Is God still good? Yes. Is He in this? Yes. Is He going to use this? Yes. -Laura Cooksey

Our hope is not ever anchored in our circumstances. -Laura Cooksey

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