27. When you feel a longing but don’t have clarity from God

Songstress, Jillian Edwards, is here to talk about seasons of waiting, season of seeking clarity, and how there is blessing in the simple act of planting seeds. You will love this conversation and this woman–if you don’t already!

 In this episode, we discuss:

  • Navigating the balance between faith and seeking clarity
  • How seasons of waiting can be incredibly fruitful
  • How our relationship with and definition of success should look different as followers of Christ
  • How obedience, faithfulness, and success relate to each other

Scripture Mentioned:

  • Phil 3:10
  • Isaiah 32:16-20
  • Psalm 84:11

Resources Mentioned:

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Quotes from this episode:

I’ve seen circumstances bring suffering and pain, but I’ve also seen healing and hope in those places. -Jillian Edwards

When the seasons come where there is suffering, there’s also unspeakable joy. -Jillian Edwards

I am a person who loves and almost makes an idol out of clarity. But faith shows its most beautiful side when there is not clarity. -Jillian Edwards

Just at the right time, God provided. -Jillian Edwards

Even though I had a heaviness and this longing and questions of “what do I do with it?”… what a sweet time to just know He was with me. -Jillian Edwards

Quiet moments with God fuel the direction of our lives. -Jillian Edwards

The goal is to know God. That’s it. -Jillian Edwards

Only to know Him, to acknowledge Him, and to walk with Him… that is where peace and joy are. -Jillian Edwards

Am I being faithful with what God has given me right now in this season? -Jillian Edwards

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