3. When infertility isn’t your plan, but it’s the path God gives you

Hanna and her mom, Cindy Easley, take a deep dive into infertility, adoption, and prodigal children.

 In this episode, we discuss:

  • What did your conversations with God look like while you wrestled with infertility and medial treatments, when you were desperate?
  • How do you make plans and take steps forward down a new path, but stay open to the fact that God may still shift your plans yet again?
  • What do you say to someone’s fear that they can’t love a child that they didn’t give birth to?
  • What do you do with the thoughts of “I’m less than, I’m broken, I’m inadequate” when struggling with infertility?
  • What encouragement do you have for those whom this is a real, present day struggle?
  • How do you pray for your prodigal children?
  • How do you live in the tension of having great joy, but with sadness living right under the surface?
  • If your child makes terrible decisions, does that mean you are a terrible parent?
  • How would you encourage someone to be a good friend to someone who is struggling with infertility or a prodigal child?

Scripture Mentioned:
Psalm 25:10
Jeremiah 29:11

More about Cindy Easley:
Cindy’s book: Dancing with the One you Love

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1 thought on “3. When infertility isn’t your plan, but it’s the path God gives you”

  1. This is a “real” conversation that contains nuggets of encouragement and truth. I’m not married and never had children, nevertheless I truly enjoyed the wisdom and honesty revealed within this post. Hearts are open and true…so this was refreshing and includes take away for everyone.

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