Tyler proposed. Hanna said yes.


Well, I didn’t post last week and I don’t have a good excuse.  But perhaps you will be forgiving since I have major news to share…?

Last Tuesday, I flew to NYC with 11 incredible Belmont students to work the Billboard Touring Conference & Award Show.  I was there to chaperon, connect with our students studying at Belmont East (our NYC program), and work remotely.  Little did I know all of that would change.

Wednesday morning I had plans to meet up with my good friend, Lana, take a stroll around Central Park and grab lunch.  About 30 minutes into our Central Park stroll, I turned a corner and there he was.  Tyler Seymour standing under a tree with a little box.  You can watch the whole story below.

I will do my very best to never be that married girl who spouts cliche advice to all the single ladies (insert puking sound here). But I have to insert one thought.

Please don’t settle for second best.

To steal and severely edit a CS Lewis quote, don’t settle for a mud pie when God has a chocolate mousse pie in store for you.  Far too often, I dated mud pies.  I’m not saying they weren’t good guys; they just didn’t come close to the chocolate mousse pie that is Tyler Seymour. (okay, gag, I know.)  I could have so easily settled for something less than the incredible story God had in store for me. My prayer for you is that you will hold out for God’s best.

So here’s a glimpse into my best story that God so graciously wrote for me.

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