What do your friends say about you?

This is a real life conversation between two friends, talking about another mutual friend: “I like her for one thousand reasons!” “Can you give like the top three or four?” “She is broken and real. She believes in Jesus and all the stuff that Jesus does– you know the healing, the singing, the preaching, the […]

A Valentine to My Younger Self

In 2013, I wrote a blog post called “Please stop being a Valentine’s Day hater.” I was 28 years old and still deeply single. Deeply single (adj.)  \ˈdēplē ˈsiŋ-gəl\ 1: a state of singleness far beyond the demographic checkboxes of “married” or “single” 2: an inability to remember the last time you went out on […]

To my sweet “future wedding day” pinterest friends,

To my sweet “future wedding day” pinterest friends, I check in on pinterest once or twice a week to find a new recipe to satisfy my never-ending “what the heck am I going to cook this week; I’m so bored with myself” kitchen issues. While my curated feed is mostly paleo, “clean”, 30-minute recipes (I’m […]

Stop Waiting for Your Boaz

All the single ladies: Seriously stop it. Stop waiting for your “Boaz.” While it is wonderful (and important) for us to look at our current day situation with a biblical perspective, attempting to layer Ruth’s story over our own stories of finding love is… well, it’s just plain awful ladies. Does the Bible have a […]

5 Rookie Mistakes on a First Date

Dating is hard. Anyone who says otherwise is just faking it. Whether you are headed into a first date with a guy you’ve been majorly crushing on or a guy you’re unsure about, here are five things to consider while in the first date zone. 5 Rookie Mistakes on a First Date 1. The Pick Up Do […]

Overcoming Jealousy

Admit it. For us girls, it’s just so easy for our hearts to get jealous. I’m not talking about jealousy in a relationship (though that can happen). I’m talking about the jealousy that grows out of comparison. I don’t know if it’s generic sin nature for woman, but far too often, you and I get […]