To my sweet “future wedding day” pinterest friends,

To my sweet “future wedding day” pinterest friends, I check in on pinterest once or twice a week to find a new recipe to satisfy my never-ending “what the heck am I going to cook this week; I’m so bored with myself” kitchen issues. While my curated feed is mostly paleo, “clean”, 30-minute recipes (I’m […]

Marriage isn’t hard.

Marriage isn’t hard. It’s easy. All you have to do is die to self every day. Consider your spouse’s interests as more important than your own. Live to serve, not be served. Pour out grace and forgiveness over and over and over. Choose to be vulnerable instead of self-protect. Prioritize God first, your spouse second. always. […]

From Grumbling To Gratitude

I’m going to be brutally honest here. I hate folding my husband’s undershirts. I’ve never been a fan of folding laundry, but his laundry is the worst. When we first got married, folks would ask, “What’s been the biggest surprise in marriage?” “THE AMOUNT OF LAUNDRY HE ADDS.” was always my reply. My husband owns […]

Is This The Man I Married?

“Is this the man I married?!” The thought rang between my ears as I choked down the anger and panic that was quickly rising up my throat. My husband is a rock.  Truly, he is the most consistent person I know.  Every day of marriage, I have greater assurance that I know exactly who he is and how […]

Four Choices in Marriage

I was recently asked to share some thoughts on marriage at a bridal shower. As I mulled over the things I’ve learned the last 18 months, I kept coming back to a piece of general advice I was given.  “Just as marriage is a choice, and love is a choice, every day you have choices to make […]