“I’m a little nervous about dorm life and making sure I have everything I will need.  What are the MUST HAVE things?”

First of all, don’t fret my pet!  You will probably pack more than you actually need.  Less is more.  Also, I am fairly certain there is a Walmart, Target, Container Store, Big Lots, KMart, Home Goods, or Bed, Bath & Beyond  within a reasonable distance from your college dorm.  So if you forget anything, it’s not the end of the world.  Even things like trash cans, floor lamps, rugs, etc. can be bought once you are there.

6 things I couldn’t have lived without (in no particular order).

1. A lap desk. You can get these in myriad of shapes, sizes, professional, and playful.  I loved to read, write, and study on my bed.  So a lap desk was essential for me.  I also had one of these because, well, I needed it to accompany the lap desk.  I go for comfort, people. You’ll notice they have lots of college mascots too.  OH YES.

2. A floor lamp. The dorm overhead lights aren’t exactly a thing of beauty. I always turned on desk lamps and floor lamps to brighten my room.

3. An over the door hanger. You’ll need it for something like your coats, bags, robe, towels, whatever.  You’ll find a reason to use it.

4. A hot pot. Ramen? Mac n Cheese?  Tea?  Hot Chocolate?  The better question is, what can’t you make with a hot pot?  It’s the perfect dorm life kitchen appliance.

5. Speaking of kitchen appliances, I also needed a coffee maker.  Usually, you are allowed to have one in your dorm as long as it has an automatic off switch.  (But check with your university’s housing website!) You can get as fancy as you want, just remember this will take space and require cleaning.*  Of course, if you’re not a coffee addict, you don’t need this.  Turns out, I needed coffee to survive my Music History class at 8am.  I’ve been addicted ever since.

*Side note: Any dishes, mugs, utensils, etc… less is more.  Don’t be that roommate who leaves dirty dishes everywhere.  If you only have 1 mug, you’ll have to keep it clean.  Better that than having 5 mugs that are dirty sitting all over your room. (gross)

6. Under the bed storage.  These were a life saver for me.  I put all kinds of clothes under my bed because your closet will be teeny tiny.  I actually still have these in my bedroom today.  Also, for my sisters who have a lot of shoes out there: you’re welcome.

Bottom line: don’t sweat it. If you majorly need something, you’ll just go buy it once you’re there.  Don’t try to pack your entire home bedroom/bathroom/closet and take it all with you.  Less is more.  Also, don’t stress about coordinating with your roommate.  I wrote about this here (particularly #3 and #4).

Okay my beautiful readers, what dorm items were your MUST HAVES?