For I am confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. -Philippians 1:6

We all go through seasons of life that are gross, dark, painful, lonely, and messy.  I’ve been “in the mess” several times already in my 29 years and know there will be more to come.

I’ve had two conversations recently where friends asked,

“How do I get out of this mess?”

The truth is, most of the time, you and I can’t do anything to get ourselves out of the mess.  Unless it’s in direct relation to bad decision making or sin, a lot of times the mess is just life circumstances.  A breakup, a heart ache, cancer, a lost friend, divorcing parents, loneliness in a new city, depression, anxiety.  It’s just the stuff of life.

So what do we do?  Is there anything we can do while in the mess?

I’ve been studying the book of Philippians the past several weeks.  The author, Paul, is definitely in a mess. He’s writing this community of believers he loves, really misses, and wishes he could visit but he’s in prison. I don’t know about you, but that’s a hot mess to me.  You can imagine his heart ache, loneliness, and grief.

But here’s what’s crazy.

He has hope, joy, and a confidence in God’s faithfulness.

Amidst all the mess that surrounds him, he has hope, joy and a confidence in God’s faithfulness.  Just read Philippians 1:1-11 and you’ll see what I mean!

So, outside of the Apostle Paul (fess up- we’re all intimidated by trying to live like Jesus’ apostles), what does it look like to be in a mess but have those things?

Meet my friends: Marcie, Sara, and Mallory.  All in crazy messes: the diagnoses of a special needs child, a difficult breakup, and cancer.  I beg you, read those blog links and you will see real-life women clinging to hope, joy, and a confidence in God’s faithfulness amidst the mess of life.

I’ll let them have the last word.

I’ve never been so shattered and felt so whole! -Marcie

I hope that whatever mess you are heading into, in the midst of, or coming out of that you see He is making things new in you from it. That out of the dust of the burned down feelings and bridges, God breathes life into the old bones. -Sara

I do know that we have a loving God who is ready and willing to use what you give him–regardless of how messy and ugly it might be–and create something so stunning that your life and the lives of those around you are completely transformed. -Mallory