Please stop being a Valentine’s Day hater.

This post is for all the Valentine’s Day haters.

First let me make my confession: I love Valentine’s Day. I do. And I have never, in 28 years, had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.  And, honestly, counting the number of guys I’ve dated, it’s kind of a small miracle.

But there are a lot of us out there that hate Valentine’s Day.  We wear black and call it Happy Single Awareness Day.  So my post today is a plea to you.  Please stop being a Valentine’s Day hater. 

I was going to wow you with my knowledge of St. Valentine’s history & show you how it’s rooted in something wonderful.  You can read it for yourself, but it actually seems pretty creepy.  The Saint is about to be executed, writes a note to his JAILER’S daughter and signs it “Your Valentine.” I don’t know if he was in love with her or if it was just a nice “goodbye” note (supposedly he healed her when she was deathly ill?).  I don’t know.  I just know I am now creeped out.

But I’m still going to plead with you to reconsider how amazing Valentine’s Day can be.

Now, we can blame my love for this over-commercialized day on my mother.  I grew up eating heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast with red sprinkles & finding a valentine’s day present at the dinner table every February 14th I can remember.  In fact, just last night, I stopped by my parents’ house to return a dish, and my mom had a Valentine’s day gift prepared for me.   I’ll remind you, I’m 28 years old.   Call me spoiled, call me a momma’s girl, I don’t care.  I love my annual Valentine’s day presents.  My dad even sent me a Disney princess card in the mail this year.

I know what you’re thinking–WHO CARES.  Maybe you’re wondering if little birds dressed me every morning too as I grew up in this Valentine’s Day Disney Princess Loving Household.  They didn’t, though that sure would have been awesome.

Here’s the point.  I love Valentine’s Day because it’s a fun excuse to shower your friends & family with gifts, candy, cards, and kind words.  Every year throughout high school and college, I prepared Valentine’s day packages for all my closest girlfriends.  Yes, I know you can do this any day of the year, but why not on Valentine’s Day?

You gain nothing by being anti-Valentine’s day. 

But what if instead of scoffing at all the couples and making bitter jokes all day about Single Awareness Day, you just wrote some nice, thoughtful notes to a few of your best friends.  Tell them how much you love them, are thankful for them, and name a few examples of how their friendship has meant something over the past year.

Everyone is under-encouraged.

No one hears that they are loved, valued, and appreciated enough.  So spread the love today.  It doesn’t have to be anything over the top.  A few kind and heart-felt words written on a piece of paper go a long way. 

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