25 days in Philippians

Submerse yourself in the book of Philippians for 25 days using this easy-to-follow, flexible, personal study guide.

“Paul teaches that the joy of the gospel should rule our lives, regardless of circumstances.” -Faithlife Study Bible

“One popular exposition of Philippians stresses the importance of living joyfully in spite of circumstances.” – Dr. Tom Constable

“Paul has learned that joy comes not as the result of external conditions, but from internal confidence that God is at work and in control.” – NLT Daily Walk Bible

“For many of us, Philippians is the loveliest letter Paul ever wrote. It has been called by two titles. It has been called the Epistle of Excellent Things—and so indeed it is; and it has been called the Epistle of Joy. The words joy and rejoice are used again and again. ‘Rejoice,’ writes Paul, ‘again I will say rejoice’, even in prison directing the hearts of his friends—and ours—to the joy that no one can take from us.” – William Barclay