Facing rejection

Whether we’re jocks, musicians, actors, or mathletes, at some point in our childhood, we began the process of “trying out” for teams or auditioning for certain roles or opportunities. Eventually, we all experienced rejection. You didn’t make the varsity squad or get the role you wanted in your high school play. You didn’t get accepted […]

Freshman year: the #1 thing

What’s the #1 thing I should focus on for my first semester of college? I’ve had this conversation at least a dozen times over the past two weeks.  It’s your first semester of your freshman year, and everyone is trying to figure out the answer to this question.  What should be my top priority?  What […]

Reinventing yourself.

A lot of us go to college, planning on reinventing ourselves.  Sometimes that’s a great thing.  Other times, it actually may be negative. So, if you are one of those thinking about totally reinventing yourself, here are a few things for you to consider. 1. What are you running away from? When I went to […]

4 girls in a room.

“I just found out I have three roommates instead of only one and I’m freaking out.” I got a panicked call from my one of my college-bound friends last week.  She just received her roommate assignment and found out that she didn’t just get assigned to live with her friend but also 2 other random […]

Dorm life.

“I’m a little nervous about dorm life and making sure I have everything I will need.  What are the MUST HAVE things?” First of all, don’t fret my pet!  You will probably pack more than you actually need.  Less is more.  Also, I am fairly certain there is a Walmart, Target, Container Store, Big Lots, […]

It’s my last summer at home

“It’s my last month at home before I head off to college. Any advice?” Why, yes. SOAK IT UP. 1. Spend quality time with your parents and siblings. I am a broken record about this.  Probably because I wish I could go back in time and do a better job of this when I was […]