Be Human: ask for help

I’m discouraged. I recently realized that is one of the hardest sentiments for me to admit. I hate those words together. Discouraged. It’s so heavy. Admitting I’m discouraged feels like defeat. Like somehow I’ve failed if I’m not optimistically pressing on when times are hard. I need help. Three more words strewn together that I […]

Top 5 Most Read in 2015

I find it fascinating to see which of my blogs are most trafficked and shared each year. It’s almost always relationship blogs, with an occasional college girl problem. So, in case you missed it, or you’re just curious– here are my top 5 most read blogs of 2015!

I was wrong

I hate being wrong. I mean, I loathe it. Growing up in my house, if you were proven wrong in a situation you had to recite,”I was wrong and you were right.”

My friend hurt me.

“How do you keep yourself from having self-imposed expectations on friendships?  How do you deal with a hardened heart towards someone who has intentionally hurt you?” When I received this question, I immediately thought of a friend who has lived this out and could respond better than I could.  Her name is Leslie and what began […]

I don’t want to live with her again.

  “I currently have two roommates but only want to live with one of them next year.” You’ve only been at school for half of a semester, but it’s already that time when students start discussing their living situation for next year.  If you are wondering how to tell your roommate you don’t want to […]

Communicating in conflict

The fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. -Proverbs 18:2 Think about the last time you talked through a conflict with someone.  Could be your mom/dad, boyfriend, best friend, roommate, classmate (those pesky group projects, oy)… you get the idea. Hopefully this isn’t hard for you to pinpoint.  We experience […]