Do you want an easy life or a good one?

Picture this: It’s lightly raining. I’m standing in the middle of a walmart parking lot, iphone out, trying to capture a video of the vision that is in front of me, water uncontrollably leaking from eyes. Thank God I was at Walmart, where on the scale of crazy, I just blended right in. To back […]

When You Trust God with Some Things, But Not Everything

This blog is part of Andrea Lucado’s series, “Notes To Your Younger Self”. Be sure to check out the rest of the series and Andrea’s new book, “English Lessons.” Scroll to the bottom of this post to win a free copy of Andrea’s book!  Dear Hanna, Last night was a big night for you. It’s taken […]

#BLESSED: What if we’ve got it all wrong?

The trend to #blessed every photo or tweet has died down quite a bit, but I still love to do it on occasion. I generally like to hop on trends and then use them to death–long after it’s still trendy or relevant. For some reason, I find that funny. Clearly, I have issues. But back […]

What do your friends say about you?

This is a real life conversation between two friends, talking about another mutual friend: “I like her for one thousand reasons!” “Can you give like the top three or four?” “She is broken and real. She believes in Jesus and all the stuff that Jesus does– you know the healing, the singing, the preaching, the […]

What are you waiting for?

Most of us, maybe all of us, are waiting on something in life to change. We’re waiting for our job situation to improve, waiting to meet our future husband,  waiting to get pregnant, waiting for a clean bill of health, waiting for a relationship to be mended, waiting for a person to change, waiting for […]