Reinventing yourself.

A lot of us go to college, planning on reinventing ourselves.  Sometimes that’s a great thing.  Other times, it actually may be negative. So, if you are one of those thinking about totally reinventing yourself, here are a few things for you to consider. 1. What are you running away from? When I went to […]

It’s my last summer at home

“It’s my last month at home before I head off to college. Any advice?” Why, yes. SOAK IT UP. 1. Spend quality time with your parents and siblings. I am a broken record about this.  Probably because I wish I could go back in time and do a better job of this when I was […]

Summer Orientation: Don’t stress

Headed to new student orientation this summer? 4 things you DON’T need to stress over (that everyone else will) 1. Your room assignment.  Most of you will have an overnight stay as part of your summer orientation experience.  Don’t stress over this.  It’s only for a few nights (or maybe even just one).  If your orientation […]

I just graduated from high school. Now what?

“I just graduated from high school.  Now what?!” The majority of our Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin schools had high school graduation last weekend.  Personally, I got to watch my little brother graduate on Saturday afternoon and my littlest sister graduate a few weekends ago. High school graduation can be super anti-climactic.  You are done with high school, but […]

I leave for college this weekend. Help!

“I leave for college this weekend! I’m so excited but afraid I’m going to miss something important. What are the top five things I need to do, pack, etc?” First of all, just take a deeeeep breath.  As the cliche goes, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Enjoy your last few days at home and get […]