Winter Break: What’s Really Important?

By the time you’re 18, you will have already spent 93% of the days you’ll have with your parents in your entire life time. That’s 6,570 days. Then you go to college, and at best, you’ll see your parents 80-440 days. Post-college, 380 days. So, what should Winter Break really be about? Netflix-binging or intentional time with the people you love?

Winter break: my parents are driving me crazy.

“I’ve only been home a few days and my parents are already driving me crazy.” Whether it’s your first or fourth winter break home, reentry to home life can always be a bit challenging.  But let’s talk about why your parents are driving you crazy. 1. There is tension every time you make plans with friends […]

How do I survive the summer at home?

“Being home for only a month during Christmas break was really tough. It was like all of my freedom was gone and I was back in high school again. How am I supposed to survive all summer?” This really can be one of the most painful parts of your college experience: Reentry into family life.  […]

Why am I fighting with my parents all the time?

For the most part, I had a really good relationship with my parents while growing up. Sure we had occasional disagreements, but for the most part, I really liked them and they really liked me… until my senior year of high school. All of a sudden, I felt like they were the enemy, preventing me […]