How can I tell if he likes me?

“So there’s this guy. He keeps sending me mixed signals. We’ll talk for a few hours (over text and calls) and then I won’t hear from him for a while. He keeps making comments that lead me to believe that he lives me, but I’m not really sure. How can I tell if he likes me? […]

I’ve been in a 3-year relationship but my head is starting to turn…

“I’m in a long-distance relationship of three years but I met this gorgeous, intelligent, respectful guy last weekend. He asked for my number and I told him I had a boyfriend but I’d take his number. I texted him later, but he doesn’t seem much of a texter. He invited me over to his apartment […]

I fell into the friends-with-benefits zone.

“A few months ago, I fell into the ‘friends with benefits’ zone with a guy and now I’ve fallen for him. We spend all our time together and when I bring up dating, he says he’s not ready to commit. He says he needs more time to decide. I think I like him more than […]

Should I pursue him?

“I recently went on a date with a guy that I’ve had a little crush on for quite some time. Of course, after our date, my little crush turned into a big one. I know he’s been interested for a while, but has been slow on pursuing me. To further complicate things, we are both […]