Do you want an easy life or a good one?

Picture this: It’s lightly raining. I’m standing in the middle of a walmart parking lot, iphone out, trying to capture a video of the vision that is in front of me, water uncontrollably leaking from eyes. Thank God I was at Walmart, where on the scale of crazy, I just blended right in. To back […]

What do your friends say about you?

This is a real life conversation between two friends, talking about another mutual friend: “I like her for one thousand reasons!” “Can you give like the top three or four?” “She is broken and real. She believes in Jesus and all the stuff that Jesus does– you know the healing, the singing, the preaching, the […]

To my sweet “future wedding day” pinterest friends,

To my sweet “future wedding day” pinterest friends, I check in on pinterest once or twice a week to find a new recipe to satisfy my never-ending “what the heck am I going to cook this week; I’m so bored with myself” kitchen issues. While my curated feed is mostly paleo, “clean”, 30-minute recipes (I’m […]

Is God less good to me?

The love of your life just broke up with you and your heart is shattered. Your life just isn’t what you thought it would be. Nothing seems to go your way. Your friends are thriving post-college and you still can’t land a full-time job with benefits. You hate your job and your boss is the […]

Pay Attention: Change v. Transition

Change. It happens to us all. You may be the kind who loves change; you create it in your life. You hop jobs, towns, boyfriends, friend groups, whatever. If your life stays the same for too long, you force change upon yourself otherwise you’d crawl out of your skin. Or you may be the kind that […]