It’s my last summer at home

“It’s my last month at home before I head off to college. Any advice?” Why, yes. SOAK IT UP. 1. Spend quality time with your parents and siblings. I am a broken record about this.  Probably because I wish I could go back in time and do a better job of this when I was […]

Summer boredom

“I’ve been home for less than a week and am already bored to tears. Help!” Oh summer.  We are desperate for you to get here and then we complain when we aren’t insanely busy. First of all- QUIT YOUR COMPLAINING.  I’m kidding. (kind of)  The number of summers you actually have left in life are […]

How am I supposed to return to real life?

“I just returned from a life-altering summer trip and have no clue how I’ supposed to go back to ‘normal life.’” Let me just go ahead and confess that I am trying to figure this out myself.  I returned last week from a 2-week trip in eastern Europe. I’ve traveled overseas at least a dozen […]