Top 5 Most Read in 2015

Most read in 2015

I find it fascinating to see which of my blogs are most trafficked and shared each year.  It’s almost always relationship blogs, with an occasional college girl problem. So, in case you missed it, or you’re just curious– here are my top 5 most read blogs of 2015!

5. Is This The Man I Married?!

Learning to switch my perspective from a performance-based marriage to a faith-based marriage. 

My husband is a rock.  Truly, he is the most consistent person I know.  Every day of marriage, I have greater assurance that I know exactly who he is and how he’ll respond in any given situation.  And then one night, he reacted in a way that shocked me. A way that I did not like. A way that hurt my feelings and made me angry.

So, I instantly freaked. “IS THIS THE MAN I MARRIED?” Read the rest…

4. How Do I Tell My Roommate I Don’t Want To Live With Her?

If you don’t want to live with your roommate again– communicate with her honestly, kindly, and as soon as possible.  

“My roommate wants to live with me again next year, but I don’t know how to tell her no. I don’t want to hurt her feelings!” Read the rest…

3. You’re Dating the Wrong Guy

Too many of us are dating with the short-term in mind: fun, entertaining, feel-good relationship when we need to be dating with a long-term perspective instead. 

“Every guy you date is the same type of guy and it never works out. Maybe they never work out, because you’re going after the wrong type of guy.”

She had a point. I had a long list of men I had dated–all very similar–all of which ended the same way: a break up. Read the rest…

2. Four Choices in Marriage

Four choices I’ve been learning to make within the daily context marriage. And yes, I talk about sex.

“Just as marriage is a choice, and love is a choice, every day you have choices to make that will either build up or tear down your marriage.” Read the rest…

1. Say Yes

Intentionally or not, a lot of us in the Christian dating circle “kissed dating goodbye.” But there is a simple solution to this problem. 

My girlfriends and I would sit around complaining about how all our single guy friends were pansies due to their lack of asking girls out.

Then one day, not unlike so many other days when we gathered together and gabbed about our lame guy friends, one of our friends announced she had been asked out on a date!

“HURRAY!”  We all cheered! “Finally a guy who GETS IT!”

Then, to our dismay, we learned she had politely turned him down. WHAT?!

She “just wasn’t attracted to him,” she explained.  Some of us nodded understandingly, others of us looked at her in disgust.  I’m sure as you read this, you fall into one of those two categories. Read the rest…


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