What lies are you believing?


This summer, I am going through Kelly Minter‘s study on Nehemiah with a group of some of my favorite 17-18 year old girls. In this week’s reading, Kelly writes about how we often buy into lies.  I’ll let her speak for herself.

Whenever the Israelites faced difficulty in the desert, they chose to believe something false about God. Three of the biggies were that He had abandoned them, withheld from them, or wouldn’t meet their needs. This in turn led them to remember their unspeakably oppressive days in Egypt through rose-colored glasses… The sad thing is I can relate. I have experienced times when I doubted God and subsequently wondered if the old days of my bondage were really that bad. When I find myself here I always have to remember that two things are at play: I’m believing something negative about God in my present and believing something positive about the days of slavery from my past. Both beliefs are false.

Then this Sunday, I went to a best friend’s church, and her pastor talked about the lies we believe.  Has this happened to you?  Like everywhere you turn, the same lesson is being told in a different way.  Sometimes it’s amazing and encouraging, other times a bit annoying. I’m not quite to the annoyed stage, but it has definitely forced me to pause and really reflect.  What lies am I believing these days?  Either about God’s character or my past?

A while ago, a great friend of mine showed me her trick when she found herself in a dark place.  She takes a piece of paper, splits it down the middle, and labels one side “LIES” and the other “TRUTH.”  She then proceeds to fill the whole thing up until she can’t think of another thing to write.

Here’s what mine looks like now.

So what about you? What are the lies you are currently believing? Can you combat them with truth? Do this exercise this week. It’s amazing the freedom I find in saying out loud the lies and then breaking them down with the truth.

5 thoughts on “What lies are you believing?”

  1. I still sometimes believe the oldest lie in the book: God is holding out on me. The Liar told Eve that one in the Garden. The truth is that All that He has is mine as His child (like the father told he eldest son). Interestingly, last night at a marriage group we are in, I was reminded to believe the best about Matt. Sometimes if he is in a bad mood, I start believing that he doesn’t love me… is annoyed by me… would rather be somewhere else or fill in the blank. I need to remember his good heart toward me too.

    I just wanted to share how these lies can crop up in marriage too.

    1. Loved reading this. Thanks for sharing. And so good for single girls, like myself, to hear this. I think, too often, we believe the lie that we will feel “more secure” once we’ve been married for X years… when really, it’s never the case. Is it? When we look for security in anything but our Creator, we are left empty and afraid.

  2. Two things: One we are covering this with our student leaders during Week One training so it’s all around me too! Two we did this with my small group last month where we wrote the lies on plate, broke it in the parking lot, and then wrote the Truths on spiral-bound notecards.

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