Belmont graduation is this weekend.  It’s unreal.  As you’re wrapping up the year, don’t let the stress of finals steal away all the last great moments.  Take some time to enjoy your friends, soak in the memories, and do some reflecting.


1. Take time to relax in the midst of cramming for finals.  Go for frozen yogurt runs, late night Sonic drive throughs, an hour lounging on the quad, a dance party, whatever.  Just don’t let the stress of finals completely control you.
2. Grab coffee & lunches with friends you won’t get to connect with over the summer.  Soak up the last little bit of time you have with these friends!
 3. Write at least 3 hand-written thank you notes to faculty or staff that have really supported, encouraged, guided, challenged, and/or grown you.  Those people almost never get thanked.  If you had an advisor that saved your tooshie and waved a magic wand to help you graduate– buy them a present.  Even if it’s $10 to the local coffee shop. A small gift will mean way more to them than you would imagine.  Now is a great time to show gratitude and appreciation of others.  Do it.
4. Do something, in the words of Barney Stinson, legendary.  Plan a night for you and your closest friends to commemorate the year.  Have an elaborate picnic and movie watching party (hello laptop!) on the quad.  Go on a midnight stroll around campus.  Get dressed up and go to a crazy expensive restaurant but for lunch!  (The lunch menu is always cheaper.)  Have a guacamole contest throw down or a Bring-Your-Own-Toppings Nacho Party.  Be creative.  Ask friends for input.  Just create one fun, final 2012-2013 memory with people you really enjoy.


1. What have I learned about myself this year?
2. What have I learned about God this year?  Or what has He taught me this year?
3. Who has been the most influential on my life this year? (this could be positive or negative)
4. Who has been incredibly encouraging to me this year?
5. What were the major themes of this year for me?
6. What was the biggest challenge for me this year?  What did I learn from it?
7. When I look back on the 2012-2013 academic year, what do I want to remember most? 
Share your answers with your roomies, friends, and parents.  Ask them these questions too!
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