Hey there,
I'm Hanna!

I’m a Texas-born girl who spent her formative years in the Washington, DC area, went to college in the Shenandoah Valley, graduate school in South Carolina, and eventually found my way to Nashville, TN where I met my husband and started a family. (Believe me when I say while that may seem like TMI, I skipped a LOT of steps!)

My first career was in Higher Education and Student Affairs. I loved working with college students and mentoring them as they embarked on their journey to adulthood. 

However, I also always felt like I was born to be a Bible teacher. I was raised by two incredibly gifted Bible teachers and had a love for God’s Word fostered in my heart at a young age. 

During my time as a student affairs professional, I began speaking, teaching, and blogging which led to my first book, The College Girl’s Survival Guide.

After over a decade in the field, I left the higher education field, and dove head first into producing and hosting podcasts. 

After having three babies in three and a half years (yep, you read that correctly), I decided life wasn’t challenging enough so I headed back to graduate school to get my Master’s in Biblical Studies. As someone who loves to study and teach the Bible, I knew I would eventually want further training and education. I believe it is a great honor and responsibility to walk others through the Word of God and I never want to take that lightly or casually. 

My dad often says, “the Bible is God’s mind in print,”  it is His perfect revelation to man, and to quote another great man, “He did not stutter.” It is my joy and delight to spend my life studying it in order to help others navigate their everyday lives rooted in His Word. 

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