How do you and I be who God created us to be no matter what?
No matter your past, your current circumstance, your career journey, your relationship status, no matter what life throws at you. 
Each Tuesday, Hanna and a friend have a vulnerable and practical conversation about what that actually looks like. 

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24. When a no or a wait is God’s kindest answer

Nov 24, 2020
If you need to be reminded that God is in the details of your life,...

23. When death leads to freedom

Nov 17, 2020
You are going to love my new friend and songstress, Hope Darst. This conversation of...

22. When you have to choose faith or fear

Nov 10, 2020
Are you ready to have your faith built up? Because it's about to happen! I...

21. When politics and religion pull us apart

Nov 03, 2020
How do we navigate the tension, the rage, the disunity all around us? It's discouraging,...

20. When you wonder “who am I now?”

Oct 27, 2020
If you've ever found yourself in a season of transition, fog, or wondered "Who am...

19. When you don’t know who God is

Oct 20, 2020
Meet my newest soul sister, or perhaps you already know and love her, Tara-Leigh Cobble....

18. When you don’t want to obey God

Aug 25, 2020
This woman gets me fired up. My friend and fellow enneagram 8, Christy Wright, joins...

17. When your soul is exhausted

Aug 18, 2020
The way this guy can recall scripture always blows my mind. Curtis Zachary, or CZ...

16. When your greatest fear becomes your reality

Aug 11, 2020
No matter what hardship you may be experiencing, Jamie Heard's story is going to encourage...