Pay Attention: Change v. Transition

Change. It happens to us all. You may be the kind who loves change; you create it in your life. You hop jobs, towns, boyfriends, friend groups, whatever. If your life stays the same for too long, you force change upon yourself otherwise you’d crawl out of your skin. Or you may be the kind that […]

Saying Goodbye

You can either run towards something or away from something. A mentor said this to me years ago when reviewing my resume and it stuck with me. When transitioning from job to job, you are either running away from something (a bad job or boss) or you’re running towards something (a new opportunity, growth, or challenge). When […]

It’s Time for a Change

For at least a year now, there has been something stirring inside of me. A slight discontent or boredom with what had been my dream job for the last several years, something that was causing me to dream of goals and a career path outside of my higher education job. At first this stirring really scared me. The […]

Unmet expectations

My life doesn’t look like I thought it would. Pretty much every heart-to-heart conversation I’ve had over the last month could be boiled down to this sentence:  My life doesn’t look like I thought it would.  Most of the time, this was said in a negative sense. I just finished my freshman year in college […]

When life gets boring.

When my youngest sister was 3 or 4 years old, she’d walk around the house saying, “Mommy, I’m boring!”  What she meant was, ‘”Mommy, I’m bored!” but she hadn’t figured out the nuance of correct grammar yet.  We’d all chuckle and never corrected her, because it was so darn cute. Last week, I was driving […]