25 days in Mark

Submerse yourself in the book of Mark for 25 days using this easy-to-follow, flexible, personal study guide.

Mark is the shortest of the four gospels, and possibly the first to be written, though there is some debate about this.

Mark’ s gospel account is about service and sacrifice.

“The Lord is presented as an active, compassionate, and obedient Servant who constantly ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of others.” -Dr. Bruce Wilkinson & Dr. Ken Boa, Talk thru the Bible

You’ll notice Mark focuses on what Jesus does more than what He says. He also records a wide range of reactions from Jesus and the people surrounding Him.

“God’ s Son became a servant to get near people, to help them , and to lift them up.” -Dr. Tom Constable, Notes on Mark

If you want to spend 25 days gazing at Jesus, this easy-to-follow, flexible, personal study guide is for you.