No one’s impressed.

I will never forget those words my mom spoke to me while I sat at the kitchen table. It may seem harsh, but that’s my momma. Speaks truth like it is. No sugar coating. Straight to the heart. She has the discernment to know when you can take it straight and when you might need it wrapped in a hug.

No one is impressed by how busy you are.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been insanely busy. Now, my schedule is normally full but the last two weeks were over the top, out of control. I’ve been surviving. Barely. Not enough sleep. Not enough quality time with my husband. Not enough quality time with my God. Not enough rest. And definitely not enough quality time with any of our friends or family. In the slew of my busyness, everyone was getting the short stick. Including me. At some point along the way, you and I believed our culture’s lie that busyness is godliness. If you aren’t busy, you’re not important. You’re not hustling enough. You’re not contributing enough. You’re not valuable enough. You’re not enough.

Being busy is king. We think our crazy schedules should be admired. People should recognize how busy we are and realize how important and impressive we are.

So what does being too busy really mean?

It means you’re a slave to your schedule. It means you aren’t prioritizing well. It means you aren’t letting go of things that need to be let go. It probably means you aren’t spending quality time with the people you love. It definitely means you aren’t taking care of yourself.

No one is impressed by how busy you are.

So how do you and I get out of the busy trap?

1. Stop glorifying your busy schedule. 

Remind yourself that no one is impressed.  Being busy doesn’t mean you’re superwoman. It means you’re overextending yourself.

2. Say no.

That two-letter word can be so hard to say, but if you’re too busy, say it.  Say no to everything, and I do mean everything, until you start feeling balanced again.

3. Look at how you’ve been spending your time and see what top priorities you’ve been neglecting.

For me the last two weeks, those top priorities were time with my face in the Bible, quality time with my husband,  set time to actually rest/relax, and working out (aka taking care of myself).  I can’t expect to feel like I’m doing more than barely surviving if I’m not doing those things. Yet, those are always the first things to go when my schedule gets busy. That’s just plain insanity.

So, let’s stop the insanity.  Stop the busyness.  As my momma would say, “No one’s impressed anyway.”

Now, do you need a hug?