7 easy ways to celebrate Ascension Day 2024

Ascension Day is on Thursday, May 9 in 2024. This is the day Christians commemorate the ascension of Jesus into heaven as described in the gospel of Luke and Acts. Scripture about Christ’s Ascension And He led them out as far as Bethany, and He lifted up His hands and blessed them. While He was […]

26. When embracing uncomfortable leads to freedom and joy

Dr. Deb Gorton, author of Embracing Uncomfortable, shares her insight as a clinical psychologist with several personal stories about how our drive for comfort is leading us away from our desired destination, and what you and I can do to start living differently.

25. When you experience “the great terrible”

What should have been an exciting new chapter of life, began with the funerals of her dad and then mom. Morgan Coyner joins me in the studio today to talk about her “great terrible”, grief, death, addiction, and how the kindness of God can be found in even the darkest corners. Check out our show notes to learn more about The Next Door.