When You Trust God with Some Things, But Not Everything

This blog is part of Andrea Lucado’s series, “Notes To Your Younger Self”. Be sure to check out the rest of the series and Andrea’s new book, “English Lessons.” Scroll to the bottom of this post to win a free copy of Andrea’s book!  Dear Hanna, Last night was a big night for you. It’s taken […]

Single girls: keeping your newly married friends

During my single years, I watched friend after friend get married. I was thrilled for them. Truly.  But as the date of their wedded bliss grew closer and closer, I always began to wonder, “Will I lose my friend?” Will she forget about me?  Will she hole up in her house with her new husband for a month, three […]

How to Find the Right Person

We all assume that “there’s a right person for you, and once you find your right person, everything will be all right.” That expectation right there, is the best way I know to make a relationship fail.

Singles Awareness Day

I never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. For 28 consecutive years, February 14th came and went without a boyfriend. Last year, I had a finance and this year I have a husband. But I managed to completely skip the whole Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend experience. Last summer, Shauna Niequist wrote a blog I […]

Say no.

In my post two weeks ago, I talked about the need for women to say “yes” when asked out on a date by a good guy.  When I wrote that post, I was writing to a certain kind of woman. I was also writing to 23-year old me. Until about the age of 27 (and even […]

Say yes.

              Shortly after graduating from college, I began to experience the epidemic known as “I kissed dating goodbye.” It’s not that I, individually, kissed dating goodbye.  I definitely didn’t want to kiss dating goodbye, but it seemed like all my friends had.  Guys weren’t asking girls out on dates. […]