Is God less good to me?

The love of your life just broke up with you and your heart is shattered. Your life just isn’t what you thought it would be. Nothing seems to go your way. Your friends are thriving post-college and you still can’t land a full-time job with benefits. You hate your job and your boss is the […]

Exposing Depression

I was absolutely unprepared for the emotional tidal wave that hit me. Last week, Ginny Owens spoke at a chapel service at Belmont. Ginny is a Dove award-winning Christian artist, a Belmont alumna and adjunct songwriter professor. I grew up listening to Ginny’s music, and was excited to hear her speak, but my primary motivation […]

Praying honestly: God can handle it

Ever feel like you can’t be honest with God in prayer? I used to think it was sinful or immature to express negative feelings to God. I was afraid if I communicated hurt or frustration in my prayers, I would somehow diminish God’s power or disprove my trust in Him.

In the mess.

For I am confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. -Philippians 1:6 We all go through seasons of life that are gross, dark, painful, lonely, and messy.  I’ve been “in the mess” several times already in my 29 years and know […]

I gained a roommate & lost a friend.

“Last year my roommate (roomie #1) and I got along so well we decided to live together again this year. We also asked one of my friends (roomies #2) to live with us. Now, roomie #1 is always copied up in her room while roomie #2 and I are getting along perfectly. We have people […]

I went to register for classes & had a mental breakdown.

“I went to register for classes and had a mental breakdown. I don’t want to take these classes or be a music major anymore. I’M FREAKING OUT.” That was me. It was the end of my sophomore year, right around this time, and I was supposed to be registering for my junior year, fall semester […]