Top 10 High School Graduation Gifts Recommended by College Girls

I polled a ton of my college girls and asked what their favorite and most helpful high school graduation gifts were. Their answers may just surprise you!

High school graduation season is upon us, which also means gift-giving season has arrived!

I don’t know about you, but I always struggled to find just the right gift for my favorite high school grads. One that was thoughtful, unique, and useful!

 Last year, I polled a ton of my college girls and asked what their most cherished, favorite, and helpful gifts were. Their answers may just surprise you!

1. Academic Year Planner – you could even personalize it by writing encouraging notes or quotes in each month!

2. Toolkit – so many girls commented on how helpful this was! Some friends in their mid-twenties even went out of their way to tell me this was a gift they had received at high school graduation and they still used it!

3. Water resistant picnic blanket – for those nap, I mean study sessions, on the quad.

4. Bathroom accessories – buy a cute shower caddy and fill it with flip flops, nice shampoos/conditioners/soaps/lotions, and even a wrap towel (for hair or body!)

5. Large Tote Bag -So helpful for overnight trips or when just carting around lots of things. You could buy a classic canvas tote and add a monogram or buy a waterproof/washable one like this Logan & Lenora bag. (happens to be my favorite brand!) 

6. Stationary – Personalized stationary. Pick a font/style you know she would love! is a great place to look. Include stamps!

7. Gift cards – specific recommendations from college girls included: Amazon, Starbucks, Uber/Lyft, or find what’s local in her college town and include restaurants, grocery stores, or even a nail salon.

8. Laundry accessories – buy a cute laundry basket and fill it with tide pods, dryer sheets, a handheld steamer, a robe, slippers, throw blanket… the list could go on!

9. Portable bluetooth speaker – for that aforementioned “study session” on the quad.

10. A book that was meaningful to you in college with a handwritten note inside full of your advice – I was given 3 books when I graduated high school: The Shadow of the Almighty, How to Read a Book (thanks Dad), and The Incredible Four Year Adventure. All 3 books came from adults who had read the book themselves and couldn’t recommend it more. So I read them! And that’s partly why I wrote The College Girl’s Survival Guide. I wanted a book that I fully trusted to give to all my sweet high school grad girls! One that was raw, dealt with real issues, but was grounded in Biblical principles in an attractive way. 

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