15. When you’re in the desert

Kristi McLelland is one of my favorite Bible teachers and she’s got a story for you about a time when she followed God’s leading straight into a desert, and how even in our darkest days, the Living God is better than we will ever know.

 In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to create space in our lives that allows God to fill it
  • How to trust God in the desert
  • How walking in the mystery of life with God is better than having certainty of what’s to come
  • How to help our friends who are in a dark place How the Psalms can help us pray when we’re in pain
  • How to take the leap of faith and obey God’s leading when you’re scared or too comfortable

Scripture Mentioned:

  • Psalm 78:19
  • Romans 12:15

Resources Mentioned:

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