Author, Bible teacher, podcaster, and question-asker

I want to encourage you, equip you, and remind you what’s most important. I want to help you navigate your everyday with an eternal perspective, rooted in Scripture, to help you be the person God created you to be no matter your circumstance. 


25 Day Bible Studies

Bible studies written just for you, whether you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes a day. Each study takes you through a book of the Bible for 25 days at your own pace with a reading schedule and Bible study method tools. 


Will you be who God created you to be no matter what? No matter your past, your current circumstance, your career journey, your relationship status, no matter what life throws at you. 
Each week, a friend and I have a vulnerable and practical conversation about what it looks like to trust God and be who He created us to be no matter what.
the college girl's survival guide

With over a decade of mentoring college women, this book contains Hanna’s best advice to the top 52 concerns of college women today. Packed with down to earth, Biblically-based advice it will help you not only make the most of your college experience, but create habits that will propel you into your twenties and beyond.

what others are saying

Funny, personable and heartfelt, Hanna was a great choice as a speaker for Girls Night Out at Angelo State University! She kept over 1400 college girls engaged, laughing and asking for more during her talk.

Berkley Puckett
Assistant Director
Angelo State University

It is not common to have someone teach that is both an engaging communicator and a substantive teacher. Hanna embodies both. She is a joy to listen to and women relate to her well.

Bethany Drum
Women's Ministry Director
Immanuel Bible Church

Hanna has the authority to teach this extremely important information to the next generation, and does it in an incredibly relatable way!

Rachel Cruze
NYT Best-selling author
and financial expert


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